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Making Mistakes is OK!

Did you expect another Pearl of Wisdom? Thank goodness for the Edit button! Life has no edit button though…it’s all ‘LIVE’

We are going to fumble and make mistakes. We wish we could ‘edit’.

Since there are no do-overs, what can we do? Give ourselves permission to be human. Allowing ourselves permission to be human grants us the self-compassion necessary to be happier despite our imperfections.

When babies are learning to walk, they stumble and fall all the time. What do they do? They get right back up and keep trying. They don’t sit on their bum and say in gibberish: “I suck at this! I’m not doing that again!” On the contrary, they get right back up and keep trying until they are sprinting down the hallway. Have you ever watched a baby eat mashed carrots with a spoon for the first time? Huge mess! Thankfully, we don’t still eat that way.

Be kinder to yourself. Give yourself permission to be human and live happier.

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