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What Are You Really Good At Doing?

We are uniquely special. Let's try something! For a moment, don't compare yourself to anyone else (I know that's difficult lol). Now, think of something about yourself that you know deep down in your heart that you are good at. This could be something that no one knows about or is public knowledge.

Are you a great writer? Do you dance really well? Are you really great at remembering birthdays? Are you a great listener?

Once you have it in your mind, ask yourself, "Do I allow myself to be or do the things that truly come naturally to me?"

Do we hide because someone else is doing it and they do it better? There is only ONE YOU. We are all 'influencers'. Our impact can be large or it can be on just one person. The numbers don't matter. When we act in our wonderful abilities, we change the world in a very important way; one person at a time. For that one person, your talent or special ability is the answer.

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